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The 1998 Melbourne Conference

The First Annual Australasian Online Documentation Conference, held in Melbourne was a three day event that hosted seventy registrants and speakers at the Carlton Crest Hotel. It was jointly hosted by HyperWrite and WinWriters, organisers of the famous Online Help Conference

What they said...

"I had a great 3 days. I learned a lot, meet a lot of interesting people and came away with a large number of things to ponder. It was nice to have my general philosophy and direction confirmed as basically valid by a number of respected experts. It was a very valuable experience." 

Robert Young

"Overall, an interesting and useful conference. While a lot of the subject matter concerned was familiar to me, it was valuable to get a sense of where my skill levels sat with respect to others in our community. The more 'advanced' material gave me much to think about in terms of future investigation."

Phil Anderson

"To all concerned, congratulation on a great first conference. I learnt heaps! Thank you."

Monica Allen

"Congratulations! Well managed and presented initial conference."

"Bag, book and CD - great; The expertise / knowledge of the presenter was excellent; The content of most was relevant and applicable to work activities. Nitty gritty not unusable high level / theoretical information."

Alexandra Sutherland

"One of the most useful / informative conference I have attended; topics very relevant to my needs; more international and Australian speakers. I would like to congratulate you on an excellent conference."

Anne van Boheeman