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Overview - Sydney 1999

The 2nd Annual Australasian Online Documentation Conference, held in Sydney, was a three day event that hosted over one hundred and fifty registrants and speakers at The Sebel of Sydney. It was jointly hosted by HyperWrite and WinWriters, organisers of the famous Online Help Conference. AODC 1999 was another huge success. Thanks again to all involved: delegates, organisers, speakers and vendors.

The three-day Conference was divided into two parts; Monday and Tuesday covered WinHelp and HTML-based Help and Wednesday focused on HTML Techniques for Writers. The Conference ran from 22nd March to 24th March at The Sebel of Sydney.

Major sponsors of the Conference included Microsoft, (hosts of the cocktail party on the first night), and Virtual Media, whose staff mingled with delegates throughout.

Highlights of the Conference were many, but included delegates receiving a copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, only days after its release!  Conference registrants also received a sneak preview at the SoftBook, an electronic book designed to display novels, corporate manuals and procedures, and more.  Delegates were able to buy and order valuable reference books from the Solutions bookshop at the conference.  Books can still be ordered online by visiting the Solutions Bookshop page.